Converting Bitmaps to Vector Images in Animux

 Published by  Mark on Thursday, February 26th, 2009 in Inkscape

This article explains how to convert bitmap images to vector images using tools included in Animux.

Once you log into Animux, to get Potrace GUI application on your Programs Menu through “2D Graphics

Convert Bitmap Images to Vector in Animux

Convert Bitmap Images to Vector in Animux

–>BMP2SVG-> Potrace GUI.

Currently Inkscape employs the Potrace bitmap tracing engine ( by Peter Selinger. In the future we expect to allow alternate tracing programs; for now, however, this fine tool is more than sufficient for our needs. Keep in mind that the Tracer’s purpose is not to reproduce an exact duplicate of the original image; nor is it intended to produce a final product. No autotracer can do that. What is does is give you a set of curves which you can use as a resource for your drawing. Follow the instructions in the Inkscape manual (HERE) to convert your bitmap image into vector format.

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