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Ikea and a renderfarm?

How to build a 24 core with 48MB RAM renderfarm in a cabinet from IKEA? (I wish Animux could be running on it…) (more…)

Wall mounted renderfarm

Want to create a renderfarm which takes up zero floor space….. (more…)

Disney’s Nine Old Men

Disney’s Nine Old Men were the core animators to create the Disney studio’s most famous works. (more…)

Pixar’s early animation process

A quick introduction to novice animators or hobbists on the 6 stages of animation process in the early days Pixar.  (more…)

Converting Bitmaps to Vector Images in Animux

Animux includes tools to convert bitmap images to vector images. This articles explains how to do it. (more…)

Ipod dancer tutorial in GIMP

Apple always comes with an awesome ad campaign which tend set a trend for everyone to follow.  One such campaign was the ipod campaign where the people are black and the earbuds are white and they are dancing. This tutorial shows you how to create this using GIMP.


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