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Configuring GIMP 2.6 to Replace Adobe Photoshop

If you’re used to the Photoshop interface, the open source alternative GIMP can be somewhat confusing. You can, however, configure it to look and behave the same way. (more…)

Convert your pencil drawing into digital using GIMP

This tutorial shows you how to convert your pencil drawing into digital images using GIMP. (more…)

Sun Ray Effect using GIMP

Although this is a very simple straight forward effect i though it would be good for people getting familiar with gimp to try something not too hard. (more…)

Retro Comic Book in GIMP more....

Extract objects from pictures using the scissors tool in GIMP

Inking a process most artists go through after the doodble take a shape. The advantage of inking digitally gives one the options of trying variations until they like and the world loves their finished project. In this tutorial, one learns learns how to use the scissor tool in GIMP to cut out the object of interest from the scanned image.

Blog theme tutorial in GIMP

At some point in your career as an animator you will have to put your work on the web.  Blogs in probably the easiest way to do this and creating a theme that matches your work becames key in creating your brand. (more…)

Creating a beautiful glowing text in GIMP

In this GIMP tutorial , you will learn how to use Gradients, import photoshop brushes, using the colorize tools,  alpha selection and layers.


Gimp Tutorial: Fun with light

The best way to learn a tool is to create something in it. In this tutorial, author teaches you how to create a glowing light bulb in 9 steps and a stock picture using some key tools of in GIMP. (more…)

Using GIMP’s display map filter for photorealistic effects

Fence-Post on created this easy to use tutorial which shows one how to use the one of the most under utilized ” the Displace Map filter” tool to get depth and realism to your work.


Text to Path Gimp Tutorial

This short tutorial will teach you how to create text to path technique In the Gimp. When completed you should be able to get text to follow any sort of path. (more…)

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