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Tutorial: Blender Interface Cosmetics

One to the chief complaints with Blender has been the non-conventational user interface that it has to make you productive.  However, users coming from other modelling packages find this quite challenging at first sight. This tutorial by Sebastian Konig shows you how you can customize your Blender UI. (more…)

Configuring GIMP 2.6 to Replace Adobe Photoshop

If you’re used to the Photoshop interface, the open source alternative GIMP can be somewhat confusing. You can, however, configure it to look and behave the same way. (more…)

Convert your pencil drawing into digital using GIMP

This tutorial shows you how to convert your pencil drawing into digital images using GIMP. (more…)

Converting Bitmap Image to Vector Images using Inkscape

This tutorial teaches you how to convert bitmap images to vector images with examples, so that you can scale images from a small thumbnail to a huge banner without loss of detail and proportion. (more…)

Mirroring in Inkscape

This tutorial teaches you how to use the mirroring functionality in Inkscape to create symmetric objects. It is explained in a clear simple and step wise manner using the clone functionality included in inkscape.  (more…)

Creating and Adding Custom Patterns to Inkscape

This tutorial covers how one can create their own custom patterns and make them available to be used on demand. (more…)

Using the Window Opacity Effect in Pencil, a 2D Animation Software.

Pencil is one of the 3 2D animation tools provided in Animux Genesis and Tremor versions. This is a tutorial on how to animate your self using Pencil, a Free 2D Animation software.

Customizing Blender UI

Customize the look and Feel of Blender using this easy to follow video tutorial by Kernon Dillon. (more…)

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