Creating and Adding Custom Patterns to Inkscape

 Published by  Mark on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 in Inkscape

This tutorial covers how one can create their own custom patterns and make them available to be used on demand. From Inkscape .46, there is an ability to have stock patterns. This means that you can create your own patterns and make them available for use in any Inkscape drawing, not just the one the pattern was created in. Unfortunately, there is no way to construct these from the user interface, but there is a manual workaround.

The basic steps will be:
  1. create a new drawing
  2. make the pattern desired
  3. convert the drawing objects to a pattern
  4. save the drawing
  5. open the svg drawing in a text editor
  6. modify the pattern definition XML bounding box
  7. copy out the pattern definition XML paste it into the patterns.svg file.
  8. modify the definition to be recognized by Inkscape.

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