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Tutorial: Blender Interface Cosmetics

One to the chief complaints with Blender has been the non-conventational user interface that it has to make you productive.  However, users coming from other modelling packages find this quite challenging at first sight. This tutorial by Sebastian Konig shows you how you can customize your Blender UI. (more…)

Customizing Blender UI

Customize the look and Feel of Blender using this easy to follow video tutorial by Kernon Dillon. (more…)

Exporting from Blender into Collada for Papervision

For those who do not know “Collada”, it is a xml representation of 3D scene. And for those who do not Papervision 3D is an open source action script code libary that can be used in the flash project to render 3D objects in real time. (more…)

Creating a Text Outline Effect in Blender

In this short tutorial, Kernon Dillion takes a look at how one can use Blender to create text outline effects. Our goal will be to have the text appear as two-dimensional printed text as opposed to 3D text. (more…)

Modeling a simple spaceship to test out blender.

A simple spaceship created in Blender could be a good way to introduce yourself to this powerful 3D modeling software. Blender is under the 3D Animation -> Modeler menu item

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