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Lustre Filesystem & Animation

Everyone in the animation industry is familiar with the voracious appetite a studio when it comes to dishing out huge files on and out of server. This means you should have a filesystem that can do a great job at I/O. The British studio, FrameWorks, was one of the earliest adopters of, Lustre, an open source clustered filesystem to help meeting this demand. This Google Techtalk¬†gives you an understanding of what exactly Lustre all about. (more…)

Basic Tutorial on Subversion: Managing Data

In Part 1 of this four part video, Steven Ledford discusses how to use Subversion (SVN). Topics discussed are checkout, update, merge, and resolve conflicts.¬† (more…)

Exporting from Blender into Collada for Papervision

For those who do not know “Collada”, it is a xml representation of 3D scene. And for those who do not Papervision 3D is an open source action script code libary that can be used in the flash project to render 3D objects in real time. (more…)

Component List for Animux Caseless Rackmount Animation Renderfarm

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how to build the rackframe on the animux caseless rackmount animation renderfarm

Build a Rackframe using an IKEA Antonius Frame (more…)

How to build the racks on the Animux Caseless Rackmount Animation Renderfarm? 1/4

Step by Step guide to building the racks on the (more…)

Project Goals for the Animux Caseless Animation Rackmount Renderfarm

Before we started our project, we identified the goals (more…)

How to build the Animux caseless rackmount for an animation renderfarm?

Animux Caseless Rackmount Animation Renderfarm is an effort (more…)

Antec Skeleton Open-Air PC Case

Animux Inc, has been working on the Animux Renderfarm which is an open-air rackmount renderfarm built on an ikea rack. The open-air computer cases have not been revolutioned by Antec. (more…)

Ikea and a renderfarm?

How to build a 24 core with 48MB RAM renderfarm in a cabinet from IKEA? (I wish Animux could be running on it…) (more…)

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