Basic Tutorial on Subversion: Managing Data

 Published by  Mark on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 in Hip 2b Geek, Video

In Part 1 of this four part video, Steven Ledford discusses how to use Subversion (SVN). Topics discussed are checkout, update, merge, and resolve conflicts. 

In part 1: Steven covers (i) fundamental concept of version control (ii) Methodologies:  Lock-Modify-Unlock  (usually used in creative fields), Copy-Modify-Merge (default subversion method) (iii) general structure of a subversion repository (trunk, tag, branches)

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In Part 2: Steven Covers (i) how to design your repository based on your project plan? (ii) Simple tutorial (unfortunately using Ank SVN) (iii) Example of  a conflict during commit

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In Part 3: Steven Covers on (i) how to resolve a conflict during commit using Tortoise SVN? (ii) Discussion on data adapters (data access layer) (iii) Merge and commit into SVN (iv) Unit Tests/Integration Tests

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In Part 4: Steven Covers (i) svn tool repo-browser (ii) What are Tree Conflicts? (iii) How to resolve Tree Conflicts

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