Intro to Rendering in LuxRender

 Published by  Mark on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 in Lux, Video

This tutorial by CGCookie takes the viewer through an introduction to using the LuxRender rendering engine from rendering engine in conjunction with Blender. Learn where to get it, how to run the script, and how to render to LuxRender.

Intro to Lux Renderer

Intro to Lux Renderer

In this tutorial, Jonathan Williamson, goes into the details of setting up Lux renderer for the first time along with how to render with it using the LuxBlend script. The LuxBlend script can be launched by using the Scripts Window or Text Editor + (ALT P). This will bring up Lux Renderer config panel which you can tweak until your are satisfied as the render is progressing.

Lux Renderer Config Panel

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