Setting GIMP for artistic work

 Published by  Mark on Friday, February 6th, 2009 in Animator101, GIMP, Indiy Artist

This tutorial will tell you how to configure GIMP to be more intuitive for artistic work and finishes with you creating a nice little artistic painting. It has been rewritten extensively to also take advantage of the new features of GIMP2.4.x and higher. This tutorial don’t assume much previous knowledge of GIMP, but it’s not for those using the program for the very first time.

This tutorial is especially suitable for you who is drawing with a mouse, and doing the exercises herein will hopefully help you getting better at drawing free-hand with the mouse (there are hints for tablet artists as well though). This is unfortunately not something you can just learn a “trick” for, you have to train it like any form of art. I have worked with the mouse in this tutorial to show that you don’t require a drawing tablet to achieve nice hand-drawn effects. I use GIMP under Linux Debian but the windows choices etc should work the same under Windows and Mac. The images where taken using GIMP2.2.13, but even though things might look a little different in later versions of GIMP, the methodology is the same and you should still be able to find your way without any trouble.

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