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Make a Gimp pattern from scratch

This tutorial will show you how to create a metal like textured pattern from scratch as well as adding text with an engraved effect to it. This could be useful for website backgrounds that repeats as well as signatures,headers etc. (more…)

Creating a Text Outline Effect in Blender

In this short tutorial, Kernon Dillion takes a look at how one can use Blender to create text outline effects. Our goal will be to have the text appear as two-dimensional printed text as opposed to 3D text. (more…)

Manipulating layers in GIMP

This tutorial will show you how to use and manipulate layers in Gimp. (more…)

Better Cloth for your animation using Gimp

Setting GIMP for artistic work

This tutorial will tell you how to configure GIMP to be more intuitive for artistic work and finishes with you creating a nice little artistic painting. It has been rewritten extensively to also take advantage of the new features of GIMP2.4.x and higher. This tutorial don’t assume much previous knowledge of GIMP, but it’s not for those using the program for the very first time. (more…)

Antec Skeleton Open-Air PC Case

Animux Inc, has been working on the Animux Renderfarm which is an open-air rackmount renderfarm built on an ikea rack. The open-air computer cases have not been revolutioned by Antec. (more…)

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