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Kino Basic tutorial

Animux Genesis version and Tremor versions comes with a bunch of that help your convert your video footage into web ready or DVD formats. Kino is one such tool that you will need in your video editing pipeline. This is the first step towards composting your videos with 3D models or just clean up your footage.  (more…)

Basic Tutorial on Subversion: Managing Data

In Part 1 of this four part video, Steven Ledford discusses how to use Subversion (SVN). Topics discussed are checkout, update, merge, and resolve conflicts.  (more…)

Introduction to Very Basic functionality on Pencil

A simple first test tutorial on gettings started on Pencil. (more…)

Richard Steenoven on Getting Started in 2D Animation 2/2

Episode 2 of my 2D animation tutorial series : (more…)

Richard Steenoven on Getting Started in 2D Animation 1/2

First installment for my tutorial series on how to create 2d animations using tools like Pencil. (more…)

Video Tutorial on the Inskcape Interface

Take a look at some of the elements that make up the Inkscape interface. Inkscape is equivalent to the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator hence can be used to create logos or in some cases has been used to create mattes for animation.   (more…)

Creating a Text Outline Effect in Blender

In this short tutorial, Kernon Dillion takes a look at how one can use Blender to create text outline effects. Our goal will be to have the text appear as two-dimensional printed text as opposed to 3D text. (more…)

Modeling a simple spaceship to test out blender.

A simple spaceship created in Blender could be a good way to introduce yourself to this powerful 3D modeling software. Blender is under the 3D Animation -> Modeler menu item

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