Lustre Filesystem & Animation

Everyone in the animation industry is familiar with the voracious appetite a studio when it comes to dishing out huge files on and out of server. This means you should have a filesystem that can do a great job at I/O. The British studio, FrameWorks, was one of the earliest adopters of, Lustre, an open source clustered filesystem to help meeting this demand. This Google Techtalk gives you an understanding of what exactly Lustre all about. (more…)

Another Lux renderer tutorial by Allan Brito

Getting Started With Blender 3D with LuxRender 0.6, based on the integration LuxBlend generated by script. (more…)

Blender 3D light sources to control LuxRenderer illumination values

?The tutorial by Allan Briton shows how you can set up light sources, so that controls can change LuxRender illumination values and intensity.   (more…)

Getting started with Blender 3D and LuxRender by Allan Brito

The latest version of Animux comes with LuxRenderer V0.6 which can be used with Blender to create as an alternate renderer than the Blender Internal. In this time-lapse video tutorial, Allan Brito,?  shows how to start a simple model in Blender 3D, and by the end of the modeling process, setup a render in LuxRender. The video will show the basic steps to start a daylight simulation and setup UV Maps in LuxRender. (more…)

Rendering using Blender 3D internals & Yafaray by Allan Brito

The video shows how you can set a scene for rendering with Blender 3D internal and YafaRay. (more…)

Animux at Siggraph 2010

For the third year in a row the Animux team has had standing room only at their Birds of a Feather (BOF) in the Illustrious conference for computer graphics known  as Siggraph. (more…)

Kino Basic tutorial

Animux Genesis version and Tremor versions comes with a bunch of that help your convert your video footage into web ready or DVD formats. Kino is one such tool that you will need in your video editing pipeline. This is the first step towards composting your videos with 3D models or just clean up your footage.  (more…)

Shiny button that looks like glass using inkscape.

This tutorial will teach you how to create iPhone? app type icon using inkscape. (more…)

Basic Tutorial on Subversion: Managing Data

In Part 1 of this four part video, Steven Ledford discusses how to use Subversion (SVN). Topics discussed are checkout, update, merge, and resolve conflicts.  (more…)

Sun Ray Effect using GIMP

Although this is a very simple straight forward effect i though it would be good for people getting familiar with gimp to try something not too hard. (more…)

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