Introduction to Very Basic functionality on Pencil

A simple first test tutorial on gettings started on Pencil. (more…)

Richard Steenoven on Getting Started in 2D Animation 2/2

Episode 2 of my 2D animation tutorial series : (more…)

Richard Steenoven on Getting Started in 2D Animation 1/2

First installment for my tutorial series on how to create 2d animations using tools like Pencil. (more…)

Exporting from Blender into Collada for Papervision

For those who do not know “Collada”, it is a xml representation of 3D scene. And for those who do not Papervision 3D is an open source action script code libary that can be used in the flash project to render 3D objects in real time. (more…)

Synfig Demo Reel

Synfig is a vector based 2D animation tool which is included in Animux to help with such type of a project.  (more…)

Retro Comic Book in GIMP more....

Extract objects from pictures using the scissors tool in GIMP

Inking a process most artists go through after the doodble take a shape. The advantage of inking digitally gives one the options of trying variations until they like and the world loves their finished project. In this tutorial, one learns learns how to use the scissor tool in GIMP to cut out the object of interest from the scanned image.

Blog theme tutorial in GIMP

At some point in your career as an animator you will have to put your work on the web.  Blogs in probably the easiest way to do this and creating a theme that matches your work becames key in creating your brand. (more…)

Animux OS used in Blender Booth at Siggraph 2009

Animux (animator’s) operating system was used to run the machines in the Blender Booth at Siggraph 2009. We thank Ton, who gave us this opportunity and made suggestions to fine-tune Animux to meet the needs of animators around the world.

Component List for Animux Caseless Rackmount Animation Renderfarm

test more....

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